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Terra Wealth Trader
Terra Wealth trader enters the field of export with high quality products for domestic and international markets, due to the union of the Terminel family and Ramirez family the decision was made to create a company in which it´s essence is imports and exports of high quality agriculture products as well as exploring new markets.


Personal attention, management of international logistics, freight forwarding services at port with access to reports in real time for our customers.


We manage integrated prices from port to port, logistic services included, contract management, projects for planting of crops, personalized risk management solutions.


We offer export quality products for any available market with competitive prices for grains and other food products including a technical description of specifications.

Terra Wealth Logistics

Terra Wealth Logistics offers the following services:

- Freight Forwarding Services
- Storage Services
- Phytosanitary Services
- Quality and Weight Certifications
- Customs Representation
- Port Equipment Services
- Advisory Services

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