We buy, sell, store, handle and transport a full range of products for customers in food, feed and renewable fuel markets worldwide. 

TERRA WEALTH TRADER operates its own proprietary accounting and settlement systems, custom-designed to handle the intricacies of our business. We look for ways to increase efficiency on our end, and on our customer’s. For our end-user business partners, we can offer 
  • Create links directly to your accounting or logistics systems
  • Create customized reports to support your business needs
Our communication systems are also state-of-the-art. Although we want to shake our customer’s hand whenever possible, we communicate by teleconference, videoconference and net meetings… whatever best meets the needs of our customers. 

We know that many of our customers depend on commodities, yet they don’t want to absorb the risk of volatile commodity prices. We answer that need by providing customized risk management solutions. Our approach features - 
  • Creative cash contracts
  • Exchange-traded instruments
  • Over-the-counter instruments
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Transparent costs
We don’t sell packaged risk management programs and we aren’t a commission broker. We focus exclusively on the customer in designing strategies to meet each customer’s unique needs. 

From origin to destination, over land and water, we supply complete logistics services. 

Our customers know that products don’t have much value unless they arrive on time. We agree. We can’t drive the truck or pull the train, but short of that, we expect to be the most dependable logistics provider our customers can find. We provide reliable shipping schedules and keep the paperwork on track. 

We work hard to lower transportation costs, too. Our freight expertise helps us utilize backhauls, ship in large units, position equipment, apply intermodal efficiencies, negotiate interline rates and transfers and re-route to meet deadlines. Our shipping volume is often greater than our customers’, so we make sure to put our economies of scale to work for them 

Terra Wealth Logistics offers the following services:
  •  Freight Forwarding Services
  •  Storage Services
  •  Phytosanitary Services
  •  Quality and Weight Certifications
  •  Customs Representation
  •  Port Equipment Services
  •  Advisory Services

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