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Sea and land freight forwarding of different types of cargo (bulk, unitized, fractionate), supervision of operations and integration of logistics of loading/unloading operations.

We offer a service of access to the reports of loading/unloading where our customer can make use of the following benefits:

  • Reports of operations in real time - General reports of operations by origin/destination, carrier line, cargo types and products - Access to a virtual platform in our webpage using their customer issued password
  • Unique password for customers to access their operations information 

Services provided to grains, mainly Wheat and Corn, which consist of making wide spaces available in warehouses and silos for our customers to store their products from harvest to the later loading on trucks and transfer to the port of Topolobampo for shipping.

We offer our customers the services of a Certified Phytosanitary Specialist, to certify, through sample tests and analysis in authorized laboratories, making sure the product meets the International Phytosanitary regulations required for marketing the product.

We offer the services of and International Quality and Weight Certifier, which certifies in warehouses and port and for security reasons verifies that there are no discrepancies of weight between the ship, scales of origin and scales at port.

The final result is a document which certifies the full quantity to be shipped and that the product follows the required International Phytosanitary guidelines.

This service is applied to bulk grains (mainly Wheat and Corn) as well as bulk minerals (iron ore, copper concentrate and fertilizers).


For high traffic, both import and export, we have the services of a Customs Agency representation which allows us to carry out customs clearance formalities and documentation to avoid unnecessary risks for our customers while handling customs operations.


This services mainly applies to the handling of fertilizers in ship storage silos.

Generally fertilizers that arrive on port in ship storage silos is compacted by 80%, which makes unloading slow and results in extended time at port and elevating operation fees for customers. In order to counteract these drawbacks, we offer our customers the rental of appropriate equipment which allows the demolition of fertilizer blocks, resulting in a more fluid discharge maneuvers and ensuring the its conclusion in regards to the timelines established by the shipment contracts thus avoiding unnecessary demurrage fees for our customers.


We have trained personnel in the field of maritime port operations, for which we can help with providing help to our customers and offer the best options available for their interests through the support of port authorities and port maneuver companies with the purpose of reducing port operation time which will result in lowering fees and help customers achieve a fluid operation. 

This service is provided the moment we are nominated: before, during and after the finalization of ship maneuvers and customs operations.

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